Episode Transcript


Sofia Garrick 1: Hey Julia!

Julia Hesse-Fong 1: Yeah, Sofia?

S2: So, we’ve been in quarantine for… about a month now and I’ve been thinking about all the implications of shelter-in-place…  What does it mean for the environment? What lessons does it teach us about food? How are different businesses responding? And how can I stay connected to Chicago even if I’m not there?

J2: Well Sofia, that is exactly what Hidden Gems Quarantine Edition is going to explore!

S3: Wait, really? There is so much to discuss!

J3: I know! Kimika, should we tell them what we have on deck? 

Kimika Padilla 1: Sure, Julia! From entrepreneurs to academics we are going to introduce you to a range of voices, stories, and ideas about the implications of shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

J4: We will connect you back to Chicago to see what our beloved city looks like when people are staying home.

K2: Join us for Hidden Gems Quarantine Edition as we bring special guests, student voices, and feel good features… from our homes to yours. 


S4: This podcast is sponsored by Chicago Studies and the Program on the Global Environment at the University of Chicago.


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